The Companion is a newsletter about the culture of friendship, written by me: writer, editor and Stylist friendship columnist Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff.

In the past few years, there has been a turning point, which has seen our desire and interest in literature, film and TV around friendship blossom. This is the natural outcome of a subtle but substantial cultural shift towards recognising the importance of friendship. A push against the longstanding and deep-rooted heteronormative, patriarchal societal structures that we all navigate.

In these newsletters, we’ll be constructing the frameworks of a new world where friendship is lifted out of a space where it exists as an added extra alongside romantic relationships and held up in all of its infinite possibilities as a way in which to build radical collective futures.

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I’ve called this newsletter The Companion because I hope it will be just that: something that feels akin to a friend dropping into your inbox each week, taking away the burden of loneliness through the realities of mutual experience, sharing with you their highlights and delights from a moment where it really does feel like, culturally speaking, friendship is beginning to be given its due respect.

It will be a space where I’ll share musings on my own friendships, interviews with people who are championing this cultural shift, reflections on pop culture which encompass friendship, expert advice on nurturing your own friendships — and much, much more.

For anyone who is interested in the culture, nature and nurturing of friendships: this is the place for you.

Do you have a question about one of your friendships that you’d like some advice on? Fill out the form here and I might answer it with the help of an expert!

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The Companion is a newsletter about the culture of friendship by author and friendship columnist Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff.


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